The top distilleries within a daytrip of Lochend

Whisky (the name comes from the Gaelic ‘uisge beatha’ or ‘water of life’) has been distilled in Scotland for more than 500 years. There are more than 100 distilleries across the mainland and isles, so pretty much whichever direction you head from Lochend Chalets, you’ll find one to visit. Deanston and Glengoyne are our two ‘locals’, but Tullibardine and Strathearn are both less than an hour north of here, and another 30 minutes or so brings you to Dewars’s in Aberfeldy and the start of a string of Speyside distilleries.

Click here for Visit Scotland’s excellent introduction to Scottish whiskies, with links – which you can search by map – to distilleries right across the country.