Birding on holiday at the Lake of Menteith

There is a fabulous array of birds to be seen at Lochend, from the Ospreys who fish in the lake all summer to the Tawny Owls who nest each year in the giant Scots Pine at the bend in the drive. Guests in our chalets, cabins and lodges beside the lake become very familiar with the resident heron, who fishes right in front of the chalets, occasionally flying off across the bay, squawking in his pre-historic way.

As for the ducks, they were wild once, before they worked out it was easier just hanging around everybody’s patios waiting for bread! Meanwhile, we also have swans, elegantly gliding from Lochend to their nest in the reeds across the bay, as well as bullfinches and tree-creepers, long-tailed tits and goldfinches, cormorants and buzzards, goldeneyes and great crested grebes. Bird and bat boxes are dotted about all over Lochend; recycled bird-feeders on the front of each chalet are busy in spring and summer with the chatter of finches and tits.

Here is a full check-list of birds seen so far at Lochend – 94 and counting. We have bird books in each chalet to help you identify what you see, and we’ll be really excited if you can add to the list.

Barn OwlBlackbirdBlack headed Gull
Blue TitBullfinchBuzzard
Canada GooseCarrion CrowChaffinch
Coal TitCollared DoveCommon Gull
Common TernCootCormorant
Corn BuntingCuckooCurlew
Garden WarblerGoldcrestGoldeneye
GoldfinchGoosanderGreat Crested Grebe
Great Spotted WoodpeckerGreat TitGreenfinch
Greylag GooseGrey WagtailHerring Gull
HeronHooded CrowHouse Martin
House SparrowJackdawJay
Kestrel KingfisherLapwingLesser Black-backed Gull
LinnetMallardMeadow Pipit
Muscovy DuckMistle ThrushMoorhen
Mute SwanNuthatchOsprey
PheasantPied WagtailPied Flycatcher
Pink-footed GoosePochardRaven
Red-breasted MerganserRed KiteRedwing
RobinRookSand Martin
SkylarkSnipeSong Thrush
Spotted FlycatcherSparrow hawkStarling
SwallowSwiftTawny Owl
TreecreeperTree SparrowTufted Duck
Whooper SwanWidgeonWillow Tit
Willow WarblerWoodcockWood Pigeon