The best things to do in Perth

Formerly the capital of Scotland, Perth is a really elegant old town lying on the banks of the Tay – not for nothing it is known as the Fair City. Only about an hour from Lochend, Perth has lovely galleries, a handsome semi-pedestrianised centre with great shops and cafes, and as a bribe for kids, a brilliant pool with flumes.

On top of that, Scone Palace lies on the outskirts of Perth. A beautiful, 19th century country house built alongside the ancient coronation place of Scotland’s kings, the palace is a must-see if you come to Perth, with Gleneagles on your way home if you fancy a some shooting, golf, a meal in Scotland’s only 2-Michelin star restaurant – or even just a cup of tea!

Click here for a useful steer on what to see and do in Perth, as well as up-to-date information on events.