Bike Trail Skills Park

Trails biking is balance, problem solving, rock climbing!! on two wheels…actually often just performed on one wheel when you start getting good but to get to that point skill’s need to be nutured and finally we can offer a place to begin in, and because Rik Allsop is such an intuitive trail builder we can offer room for growth!

Don’t think these pictures do it justice, weather wasn’t on my side, but it’s really taking shape.

These gently graded stairs have, in reality, a feel of sweeping Hollywood-come-outdoor theatre glamour! Lacks the lighting perhaps! And it might not feel like that to anyone but me!!

sweeping hollywood staircase outdoors

This is a more advanced area…something to work towards.

Advanced area of trails biking

This oak will be covered in old carpet and chicken wire for grip but I’ll do my best to keep it looking as natural as Rik has

Stone to tree

I’ve started calling this the ‘boulder snake’

Boulder snake

Even I thought I could give this a go!

End of the boulder snake

And it was grand jumping on them but then I added a bike!!
Hmmmm – definately not at this standard!

So this area here was where I was in my comfort zone, the Stumpery in a multi ability area, as are most of them. Even in it’s raw state it was exciting!

Stumpery with Rik

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