Bike Trail Skills Park

Trails biking is balance, problem solving, rock climbing!! on two wheels…actually often just performed on one wheel when you start getting good but to get to that point skill’s need to be nutured and finally we can offer a place to begin in, and because Rik Allsop is such an intuitive trail builder we can […]

Terram Against The Swamp

It’s possible that there will be no surprises left after this project has been blogged to death! However….as the yew tree was revealed, so the extent of the dogwoood root system was revealed…it’s what makes it look so Louisiana swamp! So digging some of it out, and putting root suppressing Terram down, just for under […]

Bike Maintenance Shed Skeleton

For all of our cycling visitors it’s going to be useful to have somewhere to hose down and to fix up bikes that have had a good outing! Here’s the beginnings… Concrete base due in this week, with bike stand, and washing down area with tools at reception incase things have gone a bit wobbly! […]

Rik Gets Empire Theatre and Tradstocks Stone to Play With

While we were away Rik met with Peter Stewart of Tradstocks and some lovely trail-building stone arrived! Added to this is some of the old sandstone blocks from the Empire Theatre Glasgow and the Pavillion Theatre, Kirkintilloch , which my Dad procured when they were being demolished over 45 years ago! Apply Rik’s skills liberally […]

Nature Trail and Bike Skills Area

So our trail journey begins! Rik Allsop has such a great intuitive and positive approach to working with ‘tricky’ ground and already, 1 day in, things are shaping up. Will give progress reports as we go along…and photos!

Staff Cycle Power

A usual hectic Saturday but was so impressed that a quarter of our staff cycled to work. So, 2 miles, 5 miles and a 22 mile round journey for Caitlin, Jamie and Callum! And they’ve just spent 4 hours scrubbing. Youth on their side!