Didn’t Kill It!

Bloomin’ marvelous – the Hydranegas – that are in fuller sun – have survived!

Weekends Summer Sunshine Brings Colour

At last! this weekends summer sunshine has let the flowers bloom in the riot of colour we’ve been waiting patiently for! the bees then move into overdrive, Lochend was surrounded by a low hum.

Oxygen-rich Air and Lichen

The real plants-woman of the family, Mrs Irene Nairn, has long been saying ‘that lichen is choking the trees and killing them off’ ‘No, no, no’! says I, ‘Its all good…lichen is pretty and surely oxygen-rich air is what the world aches for?’ But when wandering around yesterday I saw this on several trees…deed branch choaked by […]

Weeding James Nairn Styleee

Paw Nairn has his own interesting technique for weeding the stones. Porcelain Cludgy brings extra weight to his harrow! Sorted.

Planting Up Time

As the frost seems to have gone??!! it’s planting up time, from Hydrangeas (always hopeful we won’t kill them this year!) to sweet william. Digging out is usually the chore but with such dry weather it was a skoosh. Here’s to a summer filled with sun and colour!

New Bird Feeders Make Great Shavings

During our storms last year we lost a few trees but I couldn’t be happier when Chris turns the lost tree into something new. Silver birch is a classic Scottish tree with a beautiful bark and as he turned them into bird feeders for all the chalets, they produced some spectacular shavings!

Planting Up

Now the ducks have finished nesting it’s time to put in some plants…although as I write this I think some of the Petunia’s have already been flattened by an overly broody duck!