Calling all Lavender Ducks

A few weeks ago we found a rather lovely looking pair of ducks who were jostling for food in amongst the Mallards, after a Facebook plea, the fabulously knowledgable Andrew MacGillivray (see you in a couple of weeks!) was able to tell us that they are Lavender Calling Ducks.

Chilly Fox Trot

So behind with blog stories…will endevour to catch up but couldn’t resist this big dog fox enjoying the freedom of a fuull covering of ice on the lake!

Outside Office Gets Dark Quick

EEEeeeeee the outside office gets dark quick! And during the day its been mud mud glorious-wellie-sucking mud!

Boggy and Swampy, it’s all Very Halloween

As the mist lifts off the lake this morning… Down on the trail is all a bit boggy and swampy! The dog wood has a root system akin to mangrove swamps! Scooby-dooby-doo! This is the drain off ‘sink’ for the goodie burn which is 100m to the left so the only way to go is […]

Still September’s Mist and Sunsets

Just sometimes you get not exactly an Indian summer but a beautiful, gentle slide in Autumn and it makes for some very bonny pictures.

Happy New Year

Well it is undoubtedly a little later than it should have been but HAPPY NEW YEAR!! We had a joyous house full of friends and family which swept us very happily into 2014. Some of them thought the best way to start a New Year is with a bracing jolt to the system and took […]

End of the Trout Season

It was a cold but beautifulo day for the end of the trout fishing season when we all gather to raise monety for the local school and kirk, a great gathering, fishy songs sung, music played, faces stuffed with soup and BBQ food and a nip or two to keep the cold at bay, rounded […]

Topher’s Pond Action

Not only has Topher had Oyster catcher’s nesting on the rough ground aound his pond but discovered, when pulling up reeds, that a moor hen has built her floating nest in the reed patch, here’s how they looked yesterday – we think a couple of weeks to go – will keep you posted. ¬†

Bluebell Woods

Perhaps as everything is late in ‘opening up’ this year the bluebells seem even more vibrant that ever. This picture is especially for The Davies…who wish they could marry in a bluebell wood!

Ice Path

After a few days of minus temperatures the weather warmed, a little, last night and this morning we woke up to see dark paths appear on the ice that has been covering the lake of last few days. When view from the top of the house these lines looked so straight, as if following direct […]