So after Jez had his swim this moring at 7.30, when it was still dark and I was in my PJ’s, and AFTER he had broken the ice to get into the water to swim!!!!!!! the kids went and picked a bit up… Will try to catch him in action – if I can get […]

The Wonders of Nature – upside of bizarre weather

So when the rain starts lashing down on one side of the lake whilst the sun is still beating on the other side we get this fantastic sight and in the next photo, the ducks are, like us, gathered in awe of such a beautiful moment, over in about 60 seconds! see bottom right corner…!

Jez The All Year Round Swimmer

Wild swimming has long been our neighbours passion and during the summer months he’s not alone…however at the end of October, beautiful autumn sunshine aside, it’s him and the fishers – one of whom exclaimed yesterday ‘there wiz a laddie in the loch!’

Night Sky Over The Lake

Big thanks to the MacDougalls who sent us this beautiful picture of a still night sky from their patio last week.

English Ladies Fishing Team Looking Good

The English Ladies Fishing team have been hard at work for the last week. Good Luck to all entering next weeks Ladies International.

Beautiful Morning School Run

Rural life doesn’t get much better than this – the school run Lazell styleee!

Not a Bad Breakfast View

Even on the greyer days at Lochend we can help but stop and marvel at the changing mood of the lake that, whilst on holiday, you can relax and watch unfold.

Grey Lag Goose gets Friendly-ish

This Greylag goose came to keep the ducks company this morning. I’m not sure why it’s become so brave – Greylag geese are normally very shy and we only see them in the air or in the middle of the lake. Perhaps he wants to take Arnie’s (our Frankenstein duck) place as the biggest bird […]

Swimming in an Ice Cold Lake

Michael MacDonald and Alice Bowers had a chilly December dip on a beautiful winters day. Topher, who took the pictures, nearly joined them but only because he slipped on the icy jetty whilst holding his phone aloft!

Creeping Ice

We certainly don’t have it as cold as the Brennan family, who have just arrived from Manchester, have it but there is a film of ice creeping across the lake!