Bluetooth additions

Here we have our new UE bluetooth speakers, small but perfectly formed and great sound.

Terram Against The Swamp

It’s possible that there will be no surprises left after this project has been blogged to death! However….as the yew tree was revealed, so the extent of the dogwoood root system was revealed…it’s what makes it look so Louisiana swamp! So digging some of it out, and putting root suppressing Terram down, just for under […]

Bike Maintenance Shed Skeleton

For all of our cycling visitors it’s going to be useful to have somewhere to hose down and to fix up bikes that have had a good outing! Here’s the beginnings… Concrete base due in this week, with bike stand, and washing down area with tools at reception incase things have gone a bit wobbly! […]

And Now With Added Ceiling

So we are insulated, if not yet painted, in the games room…for the 1st time in 40 years!! All those strenuous games of table tennis that had to be played at full pelt to keep warm can now become a lesuirely knock-about! And it will certain make sitting at the PC more comfortable. Hmmm…do we […]

Games Room Roof

The leak that those who were here over winter had to endure turned out to be predominatly condensation. So leak fixed, new roofing and best of all insulation!

New Services Available

We have decided to run a trail, for a year, of 2 new services, which slightly contradicts our type of business, but have come to our attention through some feedback.                           An ‘End of Stay Clean’, which would mean not having to think about picking up […]

Weeding James Nairn Styleee

Paw Nairn has his own interesting technique for weeding the stones. Porcelain Cludgy brings extra weight to his harrow! Sorted.

Tea Party

When Topher set the picnic tables out to sand them and prep them for being ‘table and chairs’ rather than picnic benches, it looked like he was setting up for a tea party…a couple of fluttering flags and we’d be off! Why hand sand when you can rev it up!!

Scotland’s Dream Team

Whilst lifting the lino in the Apartment en-suites, John Hutchison, the plumber, found this… Scotland dream team circa 1984! The boys think it would still stand up today – bit like Alan Rough’s classic perm!

Bathrooms Deep Clean Nearly Finished

As the title suggests! And here are Bob and Geo in action! The wild storms didn’t directly do damage to the buildings at Lochend but two separate leaks appeared and now…I’m VERY glad to say…have been fixed. Go Bobby (camera shy) and Andy! Plenty to do!!