Meet Scottie McSporran

Meet Scottie McSporran courtesy of Jules Wellings, her first attempt at the knitted doll displine – and pretty good say we!

New Services Available

We have decided to run a trail, for a year, of 2 new services, which slightly contradicts our type of business, but have come to our attention through some feedback.                           An ‘End of Stay Clean’, which would mean not having to think about picking up […]

This May Go Beyond Shabby Chic!

Our Glengoyne whisky barrel halves may, in this case, be ready for renewal!!

Fully Recycled Bedside Tables

Chris has done it again – I ordered two side tables for the box bedroom at the Coach House with ‘pretty wood and a space for a mug of tea and a book, with enough space for our baskets to fit under’ and although it means that the shed door was SHUT this weekend, the family concede it […]

Workshop Benefits from Recycled Worktops

With rain coming, although a couple of showers is not the downpour they were forecasting, Chris and Topher gutted the workshop, and the worktop that had a wee hot-pot-burning accident in a cedar cabin(!) has now been put to good use, propped up by an old shelf from the “A” Chalets….hoarding at its best, but don’t tell […]

One of the 3 ‘R’s in Action

REUSE! Today we will mostly be robbing bits of old lamps in order to make new ones!  

The Big Recycle

Spring Cleaning time and no students this year so Georgie, Kate and I are gutting out the store and laundries – plenty to be recycled. Our lost property box is also weeded out like an archelogical dig! Geo and Kate fight over who gets to push the recycle cart!!