What’s On Locally in August

Hand-picked local events by the Lochend team, based on things we love!

What’s on Locally in July

Hand-picked local events by the Lochend team, based on things we love!

Frame That Picture

An arty moment over took me on a beautiful late summers evening! Ben Lomond deserves to be framed by nature!

World Cup Not Over at Lochend

So they may have wrapped things up in Brasil but, in the rain, our multi-national, co-ed youth footballers are living the beautiful game!  

A Running Theme?

Different set of characters today but just as funny. Wandering minstrels really, and when I called to ask their Dad to ask if I could exploit their sweetness, he thought I was calling to tell them to stop interupting the peace and harmony of Lochend! Particularily love the music and dummy hand!

The Puch Guys

We had 3 very cool gentlemen staying with us last week and every day they set off on an adventure on their vintage Puch bikes. I got a rubbish photo as I was walking to the office but you get the idea – beautifully spaced I imagine this is how they looked all around the […]

Early Summer Sunshine

At last, as we offically entered summer last week, you can ‘feel’ it. There’s warmth in the sunshine, things are beginning to grow and that hazy, feel-good factor is engulfing Lochend. Ain’t life sweet!

Spring Half Term

A perfect combination for Spring half term, crunchy ice and sparkling sunshine. Ducks being well looked after and the rest of the birdies are getting very vocal!

Weekends Summer Sunshine Brings Colour

At last! this weekends summer sunshine has let the flowers bloom in the riot of colour we’ve been waiting patiently for! the bees then move into overdrive, Lochend was surrounded by a low hum.

The Peacock Strut

Now there’s something you don’t see everyday when going to the bank…in Callander! Nobody knew where he’d come from but the general opinion was eascapee from Blairdrummond safari park!!