The Wonders of Nature – upside of bizarre weather

So when the rain starts lashing down on one side of the lake whilst the sun is still beating on the other side we get this fantastic sight and in the next photo, the ducks are, like us, gathered in awe of such a beautiful moment, over in about 60 seconds! see bottom right corner…!

September Storm

As storms go this didn’t seem all that wild but it was an unusual north easterly wind and it certainly caused some havoc……to the left of the screen is our main power cable, very quickly turned off by the fabulous Hydro Electric team. Lime tree beyond was then allowed to be cut up… and the […]

Swimming in an Ice Cold Lake

Michael MacDonald and Alice Bowers had a chilly December dip on a beautiful winters day. Topher, who took the pictures, nearly joined them but only because he slipped on the icy jetty whilst holding his phone aloft!

Creeping Ice

We certainly don’t have it as cold as the Brennan family, who have just arrived from Manchester, have it but there is a film of ice creeping across the lake!

A Beautiful,Still Day at Lochend

You could always consider sitting here… And looking out at this… And then be hasseled/entertained by these…?!! Just a thought!  

Early Snow on Ben Lomond

19th October and the 1st snow of the year has covered the top of Ben Lomond.  

After the Rain

September is a month of wild weather – BIG rain giving us floods But after the rain comes the sun giving you a magical misty morning And sunshine over the Lake, but look at those dark clouds at Ben Lomond!

September Sunshine

Whilst the south part of Britain in enveloped in a heat wave, we are very grateful to see September sun and feel the warmth on our backs – our rowers think they may have to put on a little lotion after their trip!