Meet Ernest!

Meet Ernest, a wild Mallard cross with a Magpie duck.

Calling all Lavender Ducks

A few weeks ago we found a rather lovely looking pair of ducks who were jostling for food in amongst the Mallards, after a Facebook plea, the fabulously knowledgable Andrew MacGillivray (see you in a couple of weeks!) was able to tell us that they are Lavender Calling Ducks.

Chilly Fox Trot

So behind with blog stories…will endevour to catch up but couldn’t resist this big dog fox enjoying the freedom of a fuull covering of ice on the lake!

Boggy and Swampy, it’s all Very Halloween

As the mist lifts off the lake this morning… Down on the trail is all a bit boggy and swampy! The dog wood has a root system akin to mangrove swamps! Scooby-dooby-doo! This is the drain off ‘sink’ for the goodie burn which is 100m to the left so the only way to go is […]

So Pheasants Don’t Just Live on the Edge of the Road!

As many of you who have visited Lochend will know, the pheasants around here, bred for shooting, have particularily bad road sense, and on the B8034 you rather pick your way through them to get to the chalets! However ‘Gary the Tank’, (kids named him!) who has strutted around Lochend for a few years now, […]

End of the Trout Season

It was a cold but beautifulo day for the end of the trout fishing season when we all gather to raise monety for the local school and kirk, a great gathering, fishy songs sung, music played, faces stuffed with soup and BBQ food and a nip or two to keep the cold at bay, rounded […]

International Fly Fishing Associations

A bit of a mouthful which is why it gets shorten to IFFA (!) but there was a great festive sense of occasion round the roadside today, captured by roving reporter Georgie P.!!

Curious Cows

“Aye, aye girls here comes Georgie, look interested”!! ¬† ¬†

Missed the hatching

I don’t know…goes off on holiday, doesn’t blog for weeks and then blogs to tell you about how much I’ve missed! Moor hen seems to have successfully hidden the hatched family away, perhaps because of the blistering weather, but sadly no photo’s. Do have photos of the fabby wild orchid’s we missed. And then there […]

Wind fallen silver birch is chopped

With its large plate of roots exposed for over a year it was time to chop this silver birch up and put the plate back to rest on the earth. Then came the sap, flowing out of the stump, it was dramatic. Then this morning it had frozen. Icicles and all!