Scots Pine Branch Snaps Off!

Sitting watching telly on Wednesday night last week and we hear what sounds like one of those big sparkly fireworks going off. A quick look out and we can’t see anymore going off and Chris ponders… ‘Tree down’? Thursday morning revealed this…as there is no rot it does make us wonder if it should come down […]

Not So Daffy Duck After All

Watering this healthy looking vegitation in front of ‘Mallard’ “A” Apartment this afternoon… …a sudden shivering of the Hosta leaves and a closer inspection, revealed a clever Mama duck…and I’m not prone to calling them clever!!

Arnie’s Family Unit

Arnie’s family unit has a male and a female in it. Keeping his options open!! No ducklings!

Mama Duck Does Really Well

This clever female Mallard has managed to keep a fairly big number of her ducklings – Big Arnie not responsible though! follow to see:

Bird Feeders for the Wee Speuggies!

Speuggies is the Scots word for sparrows but in our family it became the word used for all small birds. So Chris’s fully recycled bird feeders (bench seats from picnic tables and turned water bowls from a silver birch that came down this year and mirror mechanics to hang them!) are NOT for ducks but for the […]

Ospreys Return

They’re Back!! And far from looking like they’ve just done a 4200 mile journey (imagine the petrol bill?!) they swooped in, Douglas Fraser, water baliff, spotted them first and 5 minutes later both Topher and Chris saw one take a fish in the bay! Delighted these impressive creatures have come home.

New Bird Feeders Make Great Shavings

During our storms last year we lost a few trees but I couldn’t be happier when Chris turns the lost tree into something new. Silver birch is a classic Scottish tree with a beautiful bark and as he turned them into bird feeders for all the chalets, they produced some spectacular shavings!

Grey Lag Goose gets Friendly-ish

This Greylag goose came to keep the ducks company this morning. I’m not sure why it’s become so brave – Greylag geese are normally very shy and we only see them in the air or in the middle of the lake. Perhaps he wants to take Arnie’s (our Frankenstein duck) place as the biggest bird […]


The Campbell family who were staying in Heron last week reported an otter swimming in the lake very close to the shore.

The Peacock Strut

Now there’s something you don’t see everyday when going to the bank…in Callander! Nobody knew where he’d come from but the general opinion was eascapee from Blairdrummond safari park!!