Chilly Fox Trot

So behind with blog stories…will endevour to catch up but couldn’t resist this big dog fox enjoying the freedom of a fuull covering of ice on the lake!

Outside Office Gets Dark Quick

EEEeeeeee the outside office gets dark quick! And during the day its been mud mud glorious-wellie-sucking mud!

Happy New Year

Well it is undoubtedly a little later than it should have been but HAPPY NEW YEAR!! We had a joyous house full of friends and family which swept us very happily into 2014. Some of them thought the best way to start a New Year is with a bracing jolt to the system and took […]

Snow Coming?

So they say 6 inches of snow coming next week…perhaps….maybe…might we look like this come Thursday?

First snow on the Ben – well in November!

We always make a note of the ‘first snow on the Ben’ however its only just struck me that its the first winter, 2103, snow but there was snow on it in March 2013! Anyhooo – you get my drift! And it’s a belter of a day.

Autumn Days

Only at the beginning of September but the plants are telling us autumn is well under way, Dad made the first bramble jelly on Saturday! Sun is still warm though and I’ve just had a lovely coffee, sitting outside at the Woodhouse cafe, Kippen. Pictures to prove point!

Snow and Salt

Excitment! Especially when the children’s school bus couldn’t make it. However we had folk arriving from Glasgow and the road was ‘clear’ until the B8034 and our drive, so 5 hours of shovelling and salting and snow ball fights (Bunty ending the day with a snow sculpture of a Bottecelli lady – I think that […]

Ice Path

After a few days of minus temperatures the weather warmed, a little, last night and this morning we woke up to see dark paths appear on the ice that has been covering the lake of last few days. When view from the top of the house these lines looked so straight, as if following direct […]


So after Jez had his swim this moring at 7.30, when it was still dark and I was in my PJ’s, and AFTER he had broken the ice to get into the water to swim!!!!!!! the kids went and picked a bit up… Will try to catch him in action – if I can get […]

Snow’s Here

At last Рenough snow to make it look pretty and not to be dibilitating. Hurrah! However I think the Edinburgh Zoo pandas, who have now been here a year I heard on the radio today, may turn up their noses up at our sad bamboo!