Terram Against The Swamp

It’s possible that there will be no surprises left after this project has been blogged to death! However….as the yew tree was revealed, so the extent of the dogwoood root system was revealed…it’s what makes it look so Louisiana swamp! So digging some of it out, and putting root suppressing Terram down, just for under […]

Playhouse has settled in

With grand sunshine, the playhouse had a great opening and was used by 2 young families from Holland in its first week. Plenty scope to ‘wave off the sailors from the harbour house’…or ‘plots’ to that effect!!

New Playhouse and activity centre

The foundations have been dug and, in a couple of very wet days last week, work started on the new playhouse.

Wind fallen silver birch is chopped

With its large plate of roots exposed for over a year it was time to chop this silver birch up and put the plate back to rest on the earth. Then came the sap, flowing out of the stump, it was dramatic. Then this morning it had frozen. Icicles and all!

Teal Waterfront Lodge Also Has a Kingsized Oak Bed

‘Go large’ in Teal with this new king sized bed made from Lochend Oak and created by Chris Carroll who knows a thing or two about wood! The Airds, who have been visiting for about the same time as the oak was seasoned, 16 years(!) are the first recipients – here’s hoping they like the […]

Away With The Fairies

This title could be about the Rev Robert Kirk of Aberfoyle 1644-1691 HOWEVER its regarding Chris Carroll’s first city sojourn with his gorgeous bits of wood! here’s a flyer It’s possible the writing’s not very clear so quick recap: Tickets £5 on the door -money to cancer charities, 6pm-midnight, 30th November 2012. I’m very excited […]

Fabulous Hand Made Oak Bed for Waterfront Chalet

We have customers arriving today who have a small baby and so, as all parents will know, a good nights sleep is an important factor and I happened to mention that we were thinking of replacing all the double beds in the 4 star chalets with king-sized beds. ‘That sounds good’…’leave it with me’ says I! […]

This May Go Beyond Shabby Chic!

Our Glengoyne whisky barrel halves may, in this case, be ready for renewal!!

Fully Recycled Bedside Tables

Chris has done it again – I ordered two side tables for the box bedroom at the Coach House with ‘pretty wood and a space for a mug of tea and a book, with enough space for our baskets to fit under’ and although it means that the shed door was SHUT this weekend, the family concede it […]

Bird Feeders for the Wee Speuggies!

Speuggies is the Scots word for sparrows but in our family it became the word used for all small birds. So Chris’s fully recycled bird feeders (bench seats from picnic tables and turned water bowls from a silver birch that came down this year and mirror mechanics to hang them!) are NOT for ducks but for the […]