One of our long standing customers emailed me today saying….

“Thanks very much and thanks for ensuring we felt so safe last week and were therefore able to relax more than we have for months!”

And it made me think we should explain what the “Good to Go” strategy entails…if you are interested….here’s how the day goes!

  • 9am departure, which we thank our lovely guests for adhering to so well 😍
  • Houses are aired for an hour to remove any potential aerosol Covid.
  • The house is then regarded as an ‘Amber’ level of safety.
  • We then mask and glove up, remove all the used linens.
  • We then leave the bags of fresh linen and boxes, with all the cleaning fluids and equipment the girls need in the house, included separate zip lock bags of cloths for each area.
  • Girls arrive at 10am to their allotted house, having been texted the night before, so it minimises face to face contact.
  • In the kitchen we use ‘Envirowise Food Safe’ antiviral spray for all the hard surfaces in the kitchen…units (when emptied of crockery) and worktops. We are required to wash every item in the kitchen again…just in case!
  • The girls work solo or in a team of 2 if they are in a property with upstairs and downstairs so they can socially distance properly.
  • In order to keep cross contamination at bay, we have a Whats App group and the girls can message the ‘runner’ if they are missing anything, need to replace anything or have marked bedding that needs to be replaced….they stay put!
  • If they are given two cabins to do they must change their masks, disinfect gloves and chalet shoes on leaving one cabin and before they enter another.
  • This deep cleaning process takes until about 3.30/4pm.
  • Girls go home.
  • We then ‘fog’ each house with ‘Envirowise Multi Surface’ with mask and crocs on (sanitised between each house) , this adheres to the surfaces in around 15-20 minutes but the aerosol hangs in the air for a while and so we often have to go back to the beginning again and prepare the houses before you arrive at 5pm.
  • In the meantime we compile the ’Track and Trace’ info, information sheets and a copy of the girls commitment check list for all the tasks we ask of them…❤️❤️❤️…we have a brilliant staff, which has doubled to ensure we doing our best.
  • Then hope to get paperwork and milk in before you arrive…sadly it often means we are handing that to you AS you arrive 😳

Thanks to all concerned for helping keep Lochend Safe and hopefully still welcoming, we want to Thank them all for their hard work.

Staff role call for the Covid season of 2020! Many back to Uni’s or onto fuller time employment.

Kate, Bunty, Barbara, Pippin, Rebecca, Ellie, Amy, Fiona, Eden, Beth, Corrie, Maisie, Shannon, Katie, Lorna, Iona, Emily, Audrey, Alexsandra, Sarah, Susannah, Cooper and Geordie and ‘Maid Martha’ aka Carole!